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"Residing in Kathmandu, Nepal."

I am a Machine Learning Developer Web Developer Python Programmer Reader

About me.

Hey! I am Python, Machine Learning, AI enthusiast and a high-schooler. I am passionate to solve Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing problem. My focus is on delivering high quality work with exploring new possibilities and ideas to provide better solution using my skills and hardwork..

I also like to do some web development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Skills and Services:

If you have any work related to described below. I would be more than happy to do it.

  • :: Machine Learning and Deep Learning:

  • 80%

  • :: Python

  • 80%

  • :: C++

  • 40%

  • :: Java

  • 40%

  • :: Databases

  • 40%

  • :: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

  • 80%

  • :: JavaScript

  • 40%

  • :: Django

  • 40%

    Ethical Hacking and Security


  • :: Git and Version Control

  • 80%


These are the certificates which I learned and collected on the way of my career with hardwork.


These are some of the most important works I have done till date.


I love reading. So, after reading I always love to share my thoughts and knowledge as blogs. Here are some:

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